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So many times we become victims of our circumstances.  We live for the next dollar, we live for our spouses, our children, all of which have inherent nobility.  Sometimes in doing so we forget about ourselves, we forgo our own potential to rise above our routines.

Most of us when we were younger looked forward to the days when we would be old enough to harness opportunity.  For some of us that has ebbed away into holding on so dearly for what we have that our dreams evaporate.

Why am I doing this?  Because I believe in dreams. I believe that we can be more than what we are. I believe that if one person sees my actions as inspiration for following their own dreams that this has been worth it.

In the immortal words of Andy Dufresne:

“Get Busy Living, or Get Busy Dying”

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In an effort to achieve completing an IronMan, or any triathlon it takes a team.  People willing to support, people to train, and people to lean on when things go bump in the night.

So who supports me.

  • Wife:  Yeah i’m lucky enough to have one that is as fitness oriented as I am.
  • MaxPower – Decarlo:  My long time strength and condition coach / friend


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Family / Work First:

It is important that I keep this in mind, this endeavor should not come at the cost of my relationships with my family.

It is equally important that this does not impede in any manor my abilities at work.


Safety: –  Know ones limits

Fitness: – Improve all aspects of fitness

Competitions: – Leave it all out on the course

Stay open-minded

This won’t be an easy road, but ensuring that we are hitting the goals along the way will help ensure that we no matter the outcome, no matter the path this will be a worthy endeavor.


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