Cold Run Day

Last night we got 9 inches (give or take) of the white powdery stuff.  That followed today with a bitter cold, but beautifully bright sunshiny day.  With my car in the garage filling up my gym space, I was pacing around the house looking for something to do.  I took the 4×4 and the family out to Kohls and found some great merino wool socks, i also found a great pair of fleece lined running pants.  Good think the wife always has her Kohls cash.. Upon returning home i saw that my faithful UPS man had delivered some new gear from Zappos.. (love them)  One was a new Nike Hi-Vis running jacket, and some Mountain Hardware running gloves.  I was still thinking that it was far to cold even with the new gear.  But I was fidgety and needed to get out. So I suited up and headed out.

Temp – 17 / Windchill – 0

I had my new Salomon’s on and really wanted to see if they were as good as I thought. Yeah they kicked ass.  Very confident running on the snow covered roads.  Aside from one sheet of black ice they were as confident as Lance Armstrong shooting up.

The runs are still slow, and I’m opening up the training to really focus on my aerobic base.  Its hard not to go wide open all the time.  I set the Garmin 910xt to alert me when my HeartRate peaked and would slow to let it come back down.

As noted it was cold. So cold in fact that my nose was freezing closed, and the sweat that wicked through the layers was frozen under my coat.  Huh yeah that’s pretty cold.

As far as the run itself, better than the last run, so thats a good thing!

Get out there!!




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